I hate you for who you are

Titel: I hate you for who you are [3/3]
Pairing: Jaeseop & Hoonmin
Rating: PG- 15
Genre: mentions of sex, Drama, slight!Angst, Romance

Summary: Some people have to lose almost everything at first, before they realize that what they want is already right infront of them...

It can hardly be more worse than what you already did to him.Collapse )

Methods against Nightmares...

Titel: Methodes against Nightmares
Pairing: Soohyun & Kiseop; Ninja!Eli & Kevin
Rating: PG- 15
Genre: Fluff, slight angst
A/N: was actually planned as a One-Shot and his tweets are a little bit old, but yeah... the idea was still there XD sorry for being so random <3

Summary: Kiseop's nightmares are getting worse with every further night...

A bath and a tea?!Collapse )

The Kiss of Blood

Titel: The Kiss of Blood [7/?]
Characters: Super Junior
Pairing: Vampire!Kyuhyun & Sungmin
Rating: PG- 15
Genre: AU, Drama, Romance, Friendship, Vampires

Summary: Never break the rules... or you may could lost your soul

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Leeteuk would probably kill him the moment he stepped into the castle.Collapse )